Neither Here Nor There
Julia. 15. New York. Pan 'cause I can. Single. Doctor Who, Sherlock, the Holy Trinity of YouTube, Tegan and Sara, and more. Hannah Hart tweeted me on July 20, 2014. I cried. "The opposite of war is not peace. It's creation." - RENT


hahahah I would kiss a girl for a dare I would kiss a girl for not a dare can I just kiss a girl



University Q&A


let me just lay on my Tegan and Sara pillow cases and hold all my Tegan and Sara shirts while I listen to all my Tegan and Sara albums and cry because I don’t get to see Tegan and Sara tonight

  #oh wait I don't even have the luxury bc my mom won't let me get merch    #arg  

When that one person logs on




It’s not cute or graceful either it’s as if you actually body slammed into them its uncomfortable and painful.


if anne hathaway doesnt say anne hatharrived every time she walks into a room she’s wasting a great opportunity


I want to grow up and live in a small apartment in new york and have a husky and be with you.

Mamrie working it once again on #HeyUSA

Mamrie working it once again on #HeyUSA



Tyler wearing Troye’s clothes in San Francisco. The scarf and the jacket. :)


Cute comment on the Hawaii Troyler Q&A video. (x) He was probably talking about this scarf.